1. Rebates & Incentives

    Rebates & Incentives

    All the rebate and incentive program Ventura Water is currently offering to the residents in the City of Ventura.

  2. Events & Outreach

    Events & Outreach

    Ventura Water is constantly interacting with the community. These events and outreach opportunities are the best way to inform the public everything Ventura Water is doing and what they can be doing to be a good steward of our water supplies.

  3. Education


    Ventura Water finds great value in an educated community. This is why you can find us in the schools and community doing our part to make the community well informed with everything water. We offer classroom lessons, field trips and water efficiency surveys.

  4. Stay Connected

    Stay Connected

    Find out all the ways you can follow what Ventura Water is doing. There are numerous social media platforms to choose from as well as our popular Pipeline Newsletter.

  5. Emergency Preparedness

    Emergency Preparedness

    It is always best to be prepared for an emergency situation. Ventura Water offers information on how to be prepared for such emergencies. Earthquakes, flooding, tsunami, power outage, Ventura Water has you covered.