Survey Section

The Survey Section provides topographical mapping as well as boundary and control surveys for the design and construction of the public improvement projects. Surveying staff serves the public by checking private development subdivision maps, lot line adjustments, easement documents, and legal descriptions. The city does not perform boundary surveys for private property owners and advises anyone looking to have a parcel or boundary surveyed to hire a CA Licensed Land Surveyor.

Survey Records Research

Professional surveyors use various types of survey records to determine where survey monuments have been set in the past and how to locate property boundaries using survey monuments. Survey markers are often set at the completion of a development project.
The County of Ventura is the primary repository for maps, corner records, benchmarks and other survey documents. County View, developed by the County of Ventura GIS (Geographic Information System) and the County Surveyor, includes hotlinks on index maps for the layers Record Maps and Survey Records. While the TY sheets and fieldbooks are shown on the City Surveyor Index Map, they are also available for download and indexed by street name on the Legacy Tie Sheets page (multi-page .TIFF). The city field books (PDF) can be downloaded at Survey Access.

Subdivision maps: Preparation of Final Maps

The first submittal of a Final Tract or Parcel Map is made to the City Land Development Desk through the Ventura Online Permit Services (OPS) after the tentative map has been approved. Tract Map - Parcel Map Checklist is a checklist for the initial map submittal. The title of the Tract or Parcel map shall include the TTM or TPM number from the approval document, respectively. The title of the Tract Maps shall also include the Tract Number issued by the county after payment of the county fee along with the form.  

NAPGD 2022 Datum Update 

(Note: NGS will retire the survey foot after 2022.)

In 2025 the National Geodetic Survey will publish a new datum. Citizens and Developers should be aware that if they have a project that will last through 2025, the datum shift may impact them, and talk to their surveyor or civil engineer to ensure a smooth transition.

A technical explanation is available on the NGS Website.