Selection of Mayor

The Council shall elect from among its members, officers of the City who shall have the titles of Mayor and Deputy Mayor, each of whom shall serve a 2-year term. In no event may a Councilmember elected Mayor for a 2-year term, succeed himself as Mayor without at least one additional two-year term having lapsed. The Mayor's duties are to preside over the sessions of the Council, sign official documents when the signature of the Council or Mayor is required by law and shall act as the official head of the City.

The Mayor has been delegated the responsibility to act as the City Council's ceremonial representative at public events and functions. He/she shall have the power to administer oaths and affirmations, but shall have no power of veto. He/she shall have authority to preserve order at all Council meetings and to remove any person from any meeting of the Council for disorderly conduct, to enforce the rules of the Council and to determine the order of business under the rules of the Council. The Deputy Mayor shall act as Mayor in the absence or disability of the Mayor.