Olivas Adobe Historical Interpreters (OAHI)

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Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in volunteering at the Historic Olivas Adobe?  

The Olivas Adobe Historical Interpreters (OAHI) is a volunteer organization that helps maintain and program the Olivas Adobe Historic Site in partnership with the City of Ventura.

To learn more about becoming an OAHI volunteer, join us at one of our in-person Open House events.

Volunteer Activities

If you “like” doing any of the activities below, then becoming an OAHI volunteer is for YOU!   

  • Do you like to garden?
    We help maintain the historic rose and herb garden. 
  • Do you like to plan events?
    We host monthly special events, including Rancho Days, Victorian Halloween, the Owl Festival, Murals & Roses, and the popular Holiday Candlelight Tour.  
  • Do you like to dress up in costume and perform?
    We lead tours and bring “history to life” by sharing the Olivas Adobe’s Chumash, Old West, Rancho, and Latino heritage during weekend tours, educational workshops, and community events.  
  • Do you like to listen to music? 
    We support the popular Music Under the Stars outdoor summer concert series.

Olivas Adobe Historical Interpreters (OAHI)

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Greetings from the OlivasAdobe

Sharing Traditions from the 1800’s

A holiday treat from the Volunteer Historic Olivas Adobe Interpreters

The Olivas Adobe Historic Interpreters invite you to take a journey back to the 1800’s when the Olivas family celebrated the holiday season together at the Rancho San Miguel. We hope these video vignettes bring you some holiday cheer! View the Videos.