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Councilmembers may be contacted via telephone at (805) 654-7827 or by sending an email.

There are 7 members of the Ventura City Council. Each member must be a registered voter in the City and was elected at-large. Each member represents the interests of the City as a whole. Starting with the 2018 Election, four (4) Councilmembers were elected by Districts with the remaining three (3) Councilmembers to be elected by Districts in 2020. Until a City Councilmember is elected by Districts, they remain "at-large".

Elections to select Councilmembers are held on the 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in November of the even numbered years. The newly elected Councilmembers assume their seat on the City Council in December, 30 days after the election and serve for a term of four years.

At the same time, the Council is reorganized and one of its members is selected to be Mayor. The Mayor serves a term of 2 years. He/She is the presiding officer of the Council. The Mayor has been delegated the responsibility to act as the City Council's ceremonial representative at public events and functions. The Deputy Mayor is also selected in the same manner and serves a 2-year term.

City Councilmembers serve a term of 4 years with the terms being staggered on a 2-year basis with three (3) members being elected at one election and four (4) at the next. The terms commence from/after 8 p.m. of the day of the first regular meeting in December following the election. To be placed on the ballot a candidate must circulate a nomination form provided by the City Clerk, gathering not more than 30, but not less than 20 signatures of registered voters in the City to qualify for placement on the ballot. Please see Elections for more information on the District-Based Election process and Nomination Period Dates.

The election of members of the Council has been from the City at-large with candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared elected until the number declared elected equals the number of Council offices to be filled at the election. Starting with the 2018 Election, City Council members will be elected by Districts. All ties shall be decided by lot in the presence of the candidates concerned and under the direction of the election authorities.

City Council Goals

On February 10, 2020 City Council adopted the following goals for Fiscal Year 2020-2021:

  1. Stabilize and Strengthen the Organization
  2. General Plan Update
  3. Economic Development Strategy
  4. Find Opportunities to Invest in Beautifying the Community
  5. Develop Coastal Area Strategic Plan
  6. Stabilization and Augmentation of our Water Supply
  7. Environmental Initiatives
  8. Charter/Voter Initiatives


  • Meeting Time: 6:00 p.m.
  • Two Mondays each month (2nd and 4th Month)
  • Meets the first week in August and will not reconvene until the first Monday after the Labor Day weekend
  • Meeting Place:
    • City Council meetings are held Virtually

In accordance with the California Governor’s Executive Stay at Home Order and the County of Ventura Health Officer declared Local Health Emergency and Be Well at Home Order resulting form the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), City Hall is Closed to the Public. See Page 2 of the Meeting Agenda to see how you may electronically attend the meeting and provide public comments/agenda item comments prior and during the meeting.  

City Council meetings are held virtually due to COVID-19. The public can attend the meetings through a WebEx Meeting through their computer or other devices. Additionally, the public can connect to the WebEx Meeting through an "audio" only connection. The meetings can also be watched through live streamed videos or on Cable TV.

The public may submit your comments to City Council prior to the City Council Meeting: 

  1. Submit your comments via email by 4:00 pm on the City Council meeting day. Please submit your comment to the City Clerk using this form or send an email to (up to 1000 characters) When sending an email, please indicate in the Subject Line, the Agenda item number (i.e. Item No. 8A). Your form/email will be read by City Council and placed into the item’s record at the meeting.

  2. When watching the live stream or WebEx meeting, submit a Public Comment (item 7) for items not on the day’s agenda or comments on a specific agenda item as it is being heard, submit your comment to the City Clerk using this form or send an email to (up to 1000 characters). Every effort will be made to read your comment into the record, but some comments may not be read due to time limitations. All comments received by the conclusion of the agenda item will be made part of the record.

    You can access the agenda through the calendar below or through this link:

    Current Meeting Schedule

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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