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The City of Ventura relies on the generosity of its volunteers to support a wide variety of programs and services offered to our community.  As a volunteer for the City of Ventura, you will have the opportunity to contribute your unique talents and energy towards providing a richer quality of life for our community. And by joining our City volunteer team, you will share in an opportunity for self-development and self-fulfillment.

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The City, along with our dedicated community partners, host one-time and recurring volunteer projects.  We strongly encourage volunteers to pre-register for a project to ensure we have an accurate head count and can communicate with you via email to confirm the project and any essential information so you and/or your group have a rewarding volunteer experience. 

To register for a volunteer project, please click on the name of the opportunity below to learn more about the project. Registration is quick and easy and only requires your name, email address and whether you are signing up as an individual or as a group on behalf of your business, organization, or service club.

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Seeking Senior Nutrition Program Volunteers (SNP)

The City of Ventura is seeking volunteers to help prep and serve food at our Westside & Eastside Cafes. Volunteer shifts are from 10:30a-12:30p daily, excluding weekends and holidays. A minimum of 1 day per week is required. For more information on how you can be of service to our wonderful adult and senior patrons, please contact Adult & Senior Services Coordinator, Cheryl Bucklin at (805) 654-7557.

City of Ventura and California Lutheran University

10 Years of Collaborative Service2017 CLU City of Ventura Service Project11

As more than 450 students from California Lutheran University (CLU) disembarked their busses at the Wildlife Ponds on August 29, they may not have realized what a rich history they were stepping into.  This incoming freshman class marked the tenth year of collaboration between the City of Ventura and CLU. Dr. Chris Kimball, CLU President, remarked, “It’s always good to come back and work with the City of Ventura. We are grateful to the City for the amount of work they put into this event every year, it’s tremendous. Our students are able to get to know others outside of the classroom and bond over shared experiences that reflect our university value of service as a part of their education.” 

In 2008, CLU staff reached out to the City of Ventura’s Volunteer Ventura program to discuss a partnership that would allow their freshmen to share an experience focused on the university’s mission of community service and justice. However, there was a hitch— they needed a project big enough that 600 students could participate in together. It just so happened that the City had a project that needed tackling right away.  Trash needed to be removed from the Ventura River bottom where it had piled up for decades and a large number of people would be needed to get it done.  This first group of CLU students worked alongside community partners, city employees from Parks and the Ventura Police Department. The group removed five and a half tons of trash in just under two and half hours. The groups focused on the areas that were in danger of flooding, which could cause debris to flow back out into the ocean.  The impact was real and it was evident upon completion that the students were able to make a positive impact on the environment and safety of Ventura.  While there was still trash at the site, such a significant impact was made on the CLU students and the City of Ventura, that when CLU called every year for the next four years to partner again, the City did not hesitate. Each year brought more efficient strategies for removing debris in the river bottom and by 2011 more than 36 tons of trash had been cleaned up and a new project would need to be started the following year.

From 2012 through 2016, the partnership continued with projects at the Harbor Wetlands, trash removal at the Santa Clara River bottom and beautification at five parks within Ventura. This year, the project was moved back to the Wildlife Ponds (formerly the Harbor Wetlands), in partnership with Resource Conservation Partners (RCP), to remove non-native ice plant from the area.  This project was perfect for a generation that thrives on serving their community and witnessing the immediate impact of a job well done.  “It feels so good to have gotten so much done in a short time frame, you can see the progress we have made,” stated Shaun, a freshman from San Francisco, majoring in Music Production. The ice plant is a hazard to the endangered species and native vegetation that live in the ponds. “The energy level here today is amazing. To have more than 450 people and to have this kind of support, really runs deep,” stated Jessica Morrison, RCP Executive Director. “We would have been in danger of losing wildlife, our wetlands and a beautiful space for our residents to enjoy if these students had not come out to help us today.”  City Manager Mark Watkins, who attended this year’s event and has seen its impact stated, “This has been a great partnership for us. The diversity of projects from the arundo removal and river bottom clean up to the ice plant removal, allows us to introduce these students to Ventura and give them an opportunity to learn about community service.”

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