Granting Programs

Two Annual Programs

The Community Partnerships Division facilitates two  granting programs benefiting cultural and social service non-profits that serve the citizens of Ventura: the Community Partnerships Granting Program and the Cultural Funding Program.

Through the Cultural Funding Program, $90,000 in funding is awarded annually to support Ventura based cultural non-profits. These funds are unrestricted and may be used for organizational support, programming and services.

Through the Community Partnerships Granting Program, $140,000 in funding is provided for two-year cycle project grants to support social and environmental service organizations serving the needs of Ventura residents.
Bell Arts Mural

Application Process

The grant applications are reviewed by independent panels made up of both local and regional professionals who review the applications in advance, then convene for a day-long panel in which they discuss merits of the applications, interview representatives of the applicant groups, and make funding recommendations. These recommendations are then reviewed for approval by either the Cultural Affairs Commission (in the case of the Cultural Funding Program) or the City Council (for the Community Partnership Granting Program). Applications are evaluated based on how well the applicant organization meets the criteria defined in each set of grant guidelines.

Please check back in 2018 for the Community Partnerships Granting Program Guidelines and Application for FY 2018/19.

Cultural Funding Program guideline and application for FY 2018/19 are now available and are due by June 29, 2018. Please download the pdf to your desktop to fill and save.