Interpretive Outreach Program

Nature & California History Field Trips & Classroom Presentations for Students Grades K-6

VUSD Registration begins April 20, 2018
Registration for all Schools beings April 30, 2018

The City of Ventura Interpretive Outreach program offers dozens of educational programs focusing on nature and California history in classroom settings and through outdoor field trips to Ventura parks, beaches and historic sites. Outreach presentations are designed to engage students with direct hands-on experience to nurture a lifelong appreciation of our environment and cultural history. School principals receive a printed catalog for their offices every April for teachers to peruse, or view the 2018-19 Interpretive Outreach Catalog online. Parents are encouraged to bring these fun learning experiences to the attention of their child's teacher and school PTA/PTO.

Register early for the best selection
of programs and dates. Over 16,000 tri-county preschool to sixth grade students attend our exciting programs each year. Fall - reliably warm and mostly rainless - is the best season to schedule field trips. Winter and spring are better for classroom presentations when the weather is less certain.

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Requests are booked first-come, first served as follows:

VUSD Registration begins April 20, 2018

(City of Ventura and Oak View)

Registration for all Schools April 30, 2018

(Open to all schools, home schools and camps)

Field trips and classroom presentations begin

September 2018

Summer 2018

Offerings are available all summer long
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