Corporate Games 2019 (March 23 - May 4)

CG Constant Contact header-02 (2)CG2019Slideshow1 The City of Ventura welcomes all businesses and organizations to the City of Ventura’s 30th Annual Corporate Games, a business-to-business team sports competition held annually between March and May. The Corporate Games is an Olympic-style competition, between companies of similar employee size or divisions, over a 6-week period.

The purpose of the Corporate Games is to promote team spirit and increase camaraderie in businesses throughout Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties through friendly competition in a wide variety of events including basketball, bocce, bowling, coed softball, cornhole, darts, dodgeball, flag football, MB2 Racing, soccer, and Texas Hold’em, to name just a few. In addition, the Corporate Games are a great way to network with other companies in the area and to invest in your community by enhancing work/life balance in your organization. Register your company before the February 8, 2019, deadline and realize the benefits of a team experiencing an "Excellent Adventure" together!

We recommend that all company coordinators read over the Coordinator Information Sheet. Once you have registered your team, look for practice opportunities below and register for Parks & Recreation leagues that will keep your team spirit going.  

CG Tentative 2019 Calendar of Events

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Registration is easy! Simply download the CG registration form, fill it out and send it back or log into the registration site and select your division (based on # of employees in the company). The “class number” associated with each division is below for easy use. 

Class Number    Division                        # of Employees                Fee                        Select

12173                      D                             10-50 employees             $1000                    8 sports

12174                     C                             51-150                             $1500                    12 sports

12175                     B                             151-250                            $2,000                   16 sports

12176                     AA                          251+                                  $3,000                    25 sports

  1. Opening Ceremonies
  2. Business & Fitness Fair
  3. Community Service Projects
  4. Closing Ceremonies
  5. 5K Run

2019 Corporate Games Opening Ceremonies

Companies participating in the Corporate Games and the general public are invited to attend Opening Ceremonies on Saturday, March 23 from 10am to 2pm at the Ventura Community Park, in Ventura. Enjoy the Business & Fitness Fair, live demonstrations on the mobile stage, food trucks and Family Splash Time at the Aquatic Center. Get your company team and family together for Corporate Games Opening Ceremonies and Torch Lighting!  Specific information coming soon!

  1. Photo Contest
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Photo Contest1DAOffice

Corporate Games participants are invited to enter their ten (10) best images, per company, captured during the 2019 Corporate Games, between Opening and Closing Ceremonies,  including all event competitions and community service projects.

Entering is easy, free and by email only. Each company may enter up to 10 images  maximum, by May 6 at 5 pm, in any combination in three categories:

1 Best group spirit shot 

2 Best action shot

3 Best community service shot

The Photography Contest Rules and Regulations for 2019 is currently being updated and will be posted here soon. For more information please see the 2018 Photography Contest Rules and Regulations document.

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2019 Results

Keep checking this website for the results of the 2019 Corporate Games!