Corporate Games 2020

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Corporate Games in a Box 

With the challenges we’re all experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to find a way to bring a modified version of the Corporate Games to you, using supplies from the Corporate Games event that was cancelled this past Spring. 

This Corporate Games In-A-Box includes teambuilding activities for businesses and organizations looking for positive ways to build team unity during the COVID-19 pandemic. The activities focus on fitness, having fun, and fostering team spirit. As we all work towards recovery, we wanted to share a fun way for you and your team to enjoy Corporate Games-style activities that can be done while following State, County, and CDC guidelines for reducing the spread of COVID-19. 

Inside this Corporate Games In-A-Box care package you’ll find:

  • A List of Challenges: fun modified Corporate Games-style activities for your team to complete
  • Medals to give team members for participation in activities and challenges
  • Coupons & gift certificates for future team building activities and practice
  • SWAG (Stuff We All Get)

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Below is a list of Corporate Games-style activities to help your team come together in creative, safe, and fun ways during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your organization may choose to complete all, some, or none of the challenges; it’s up to you. The challenges listed below have been modified so they can be completed while following all State, County, and CDC guidelines for reducing the spread of COVID-19.

  1. 5-Mile Virtual Run/Walk/Jog (hosted by Mile 26/Vendurance Sports)   
  2. Modified Corporate Games-style Activity Ideas 
  3. Share Your Favorite Workout Move 
  4. Silly Walk & Roll Team Spirit Activity 
  5. Sandcastle Contest

Challenge #1: Participate in a Virtual 5K Race

Hosted by Mile 26/Vendurance Sports

Encourage your team to participate in our virtual 5K race. In our virtual race, team members choose a time and location to run or walk that works best for them! They sign up online for the race, then download the app to their smartphones to track their distance. When they’re ready to start their 5K, they turn on the app, and go! When they’re finished, they report their time, and see how they stacked up against other runners. In October 2020, participants who register for the virtual run will also receive a free Mile 26 t-shirt with a shoe purchase. To register for the virtual 5K, go to and click on Corporate Games Virtual 5K Run.

Challenge #2: Coordinate Corporate Games-Style Activities

Organize modified versions of any past, present, or future Corporate Games events. Examples include: Golf, Corn Hole, Table Tennis, Jump Rope, Hopscotch, Pickleball, Tennis, 5K Run, Mini Golf, and Chalk Drawing; any modified outdoor activity that follows State, County, and CDC guidelines for reducing the spread of COVID-19 will work! You can use the medals included in your box as awards.

Challenge #3: Share Your Favorite Workout Moves to Help Motivate Others

Staying healthy during the pandemic can be challenging. Encourage team members to share favorite exercises, words of wisdom, motivational quotes, favorite healthy recipes, workouts, and more with one another. If you have any workout tips, motivational quotes, recipes, or videos you’d like to share with us, post them to Instagram or Facebook and tag us @VenturaParksAndRecreation.

Challenge #4: Participate in a Silly Walk and Roll Activity

We’ve set-up five Silly Walk and Roll activity areas in City of Ventura parks. These silly zones are a fun way to encourage team members to safely spend time outdoors while expressing their silly and creative sides. To complete this challenge, encourage team members to visit our designated silly zones, or create their own, and film themselves doing their silly walk or roll. For more information and silly walk examples visit the Silly Walk & Roll Challenge Webpage. If you’d like to share your silly walk and roll videos with us, post them to Instagram or Facebook and tag us @VenturaParksAndRecreation. 

Challenge #5: Organize a Modified Sandcastle Contest

Organize a modified Sandcastle Contest focused on this year's Corporate Games theme "Moving Forward into the Future." While following CDC guidelines for reducing the spread of COVID-19 including maintaining a 6-foot physical distance and wearing masks, encourage team members to create sandcastles at any local beach that’s open to the public. Take photos before, during, and after sandcastles are completed. If you’d like to share your sandcastle photos with us, post them to Instagram or Facebook and tag us @VenturaParksAndRecreation. 

We hope you and your team have fun completing our Corporate Games In-A-Box challenges. We look forward to seeing you at our 2021 Corporate Games! 

Additional Information:

Corporate Games In-A-Box is free to all past and future participants of our Corporate Games event.

Please remember to follow all State, County, and CDC guidelines for reducing the spread of COVID-19 when participating in any Corporate Games In-A-Box activities or challenges.

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