Urban Forestry

Street Trees - Ventura's Urban Forest

Ventura's Parks Division is responsible for approximately 30,000 City trees. These, along with trees on private property and trees in the city's barrancas make up the rich and varied mosaic that is Ventura's urban forest. Ventura's urban forest is divided into 24 tree maintenance zones. Trees are pruned year round on a zone-by-zone basis. When tree emergencies occur, tree crew personnel respond as quickly as possible.

The Benefit of Trees

Trees improve our quality of life in several important ways:
  • Cleaning our air
  • Cooling our streets
  • Lowering temperatures in the shade about 10 degrees
  • Producing oxygen we and our vehicles consume
  • Providing sound dampening and wind buffers
Aesthetically, street trees unify a streetscape and provide visual interest to pedestrians and motorists. Trees also provide habitat for a variety of animals.
A worker with a hard hat on in a cherry picker working on a tall tree.

Caring for City Trees

Members of Ventura's Urban Forestry crew recently completed the Electrical Hazard Awareness Program (EHAP). Electricity is a significant safety concern for today's working arborists. Nearly 30 percent of all tree related fatalities occur as a result of either direct or indirect contact with electricity. To the working arborist electrical hazards can exist in transmission lines, street light wires, even cable TV and phone lines. Indirect contact between a live branch and an energized conductor can also be fatal.

Staff Certification

EHAP certification is an intensive employer certified training program that combines a serious of videos, course work, and testing. An aerial rescue is also performed and is a requisite for program completion. The EHAP certification satisfies both OSHA and ANSI requirements, and will give our working arborists vital knowledge to allow them to work safely while working in a highly skilled and dangerous profession.