Streets & Sidewalks

City streets and sidewalk crew paving a street

Street Maintenance

The City of Ventura Public Works Department maintains 700 lane miles of streets,13 miles of alleys, 2 million square feet of sidewalks, 350 miles of curbs and gutters, 18,000 road signs, and more than 1 million linear feet of street markings. Although streets are built to last for 20 - 40 years, they begin to deteriorate from the moment they are constructed. Streets with a lot of traffic, particularly heavy truck traffic, deteriorate more rapidly than streets in residential neighborhoods.
Their primary tasks include:
  • Crack Filling
  • Pavement Overlays
  • Pothole Repairs
  • Sinkhole Repairs
  • Skin Patches
  • Various Concrete Repairs
They use innovative processes for higher efficiency and have been praised nationally for the maintenance and care of their equipment.

Funding & Taxes

To maintain the overall condition of our City streets requires more money than the City receives from its share of gasoline taxes. Therefore, paving priorities need to be established to best utilize the available limited funding for the greatest long-term value.

Pavement Maintenance Plan

The City has a Five Year Pavement Management Plan. Click on the link below to see the latest report.

View the Pavement Maintenance Plan for Fiscal Years 2017-2021 (PDF).

Residents & Property Owners May Perform Repair Work

The City provides options for residents and property owners to perform curb, sidewalk, and alley repairs adjacent to their property. If a resident or property owner chooses to perform the work, the City will issue permits and perform inspections free of charge.

      Curb Maintenance
      Sidewalk Maintenance
      Alley Maintenance