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City streets and sidewalk crew paving a street

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Current Streets and Sidewalk Projects

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Recently completed Street Projects:

  • Telephone Road from Victoria Avenue to Kimball Road, completed April 2021
  • Johnson Drive from Bristol Road to Telephone Road, completed March 2021
  • Ralston Street and Victoria Avenue - Funded by SB1, completed November 202 
  • Walker Street/Moon Drive from Dowell Drive to Victoria Avenue, completed November 2020
  • Wellness District Parking Lot and Alley Improvements, completed April 2020 
  • Anacapa Safe Routes to School Improvements, completed January 2020 
  • Telegraph Road from Mills Road to Main Street, completed November 2019 
  • Johnson Drive from Bristol Road to U.S. Highway 101, completed October 2019
  • Wells Road - Carlos Street to Citrus Drive, completed August 2019
  • Telephone Road from McGrath, Portola from Telephone to Ralston, completed June 2019
  • S. Saticoy Avenue  -  Cineraria to Mammoth, completed May 2019
  • Petit Ave - Telephone to Lucerne, completed May 2019
  • 400 Block Alley - California to Oak, completed May 2019
  • Portola Road - Telephone to Thille, completed April 2019

Street Management Plan

The City has a Five Year Pavement Management Plan. Click on the link below to see the latest report.

View the Pavement Maintenance Plan for Fiscal Years 2017-2021 (PDF).

Funding & Taxes

To maintain the overall condition of our City streets requires more money than the City receives from its share of gasoline taxes. Therefore, paving priorities need to be established to best utilize the available limited funding for the greatest long-term value.

Ongoing Street Maintenance

The City of Ventura Public Works Department maintains 700 lane miles of streets,13 miles of alleys, 2 million square feet of sidewalks, 350 miles of curbs and gutters, 18,000 road signs, and more than 1 million linear feet of street markings. Although streets are built to last for 20 - 40 years, they begin to deteriorate from the moment they are constructed. Streets with a lot of traffic, particularly heavy truck traffic, deteriorate more rapidly than streets in residential neighborhoods.

Their primary tasks include:

  • Crack Filling
  • Pavement Overlays
  • Pothole Repairs
  • Sinkhole Repairs
  • Skin Patches
  • Various Concrete Repairs

The City uses innovative processes for higher efficiency and has been praised nationally for the maintenance and care of their equipment.  

Sidewalk Maintenance 

The City’s sidewalk maintenance program is based on an established priority system. The main objective of the current sidewalk maintenance plan is to prevent as many trip and fall incidents as possible with the funds that are available.

Sidewalk Disruption Map 

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Residents & Property Owners May Perform Repair Work 

The City provides options for residents and property owners to perform curb, sidewalk, and alley repairs adjacent to their property. If a resident or property owner chooses to perform the work, the City will issue permits and perform inspections free of charge.

  1. Sidewalk Maintenance
  2. Curb Maintenance
  3. Alley Maintenance

Sidewalk Maintenance 

The California Streets and Highway Code Section 5610 and Section 18.010.060 of the City's Municipal Code requires that all sidewalks be maintained by adjacent property owners. The City does provide a level of maintenance for sidewalks that addresses issues in the interest of public safety. However, the program is underfunded.  

Residents May Repair Sidewalks 

Some residents or property owners desire that the sidewalks in front of their property be repaired or replaced sooner than can be done by the City. In such cases, the adjacent property owner can either hire their own licensed contractor or perform the work themselves (as provided for in the Municipal Code). In some cases, the property owner’s homeowners insurance will cover part of, or all of, the costs of the repairs, so it is highly encouraged that property owners check with their insurance provider before beginning any repair work. The contractor will need to obtain an encroachment permit from the City, but the permit will be free of charge and the work will be inspected by a representative of the Transportation Division. Please contact sidewalk maintenance at (805) 652-4515. View Section 18.010.060 of the City's Municipal Code.

Safe Sidewalks Program

In January 2021, the City Council approved a sidewalk repair reimbursement program that uses Measure O funding to repay residents for a portion of their sidewalk repair costs. Click here for additional information.