General Plan Foundation & Background

In 1998, the City of Ventura initiated the "Seize the Future" visioning process to reexamine its goals and create a shared vision to guide the community into the future. "Seize the Future" resulted in the Ventura Vision (PDF), a visioning document that established the framework for the 2005 Ventura General Plan. Subsequently, under the guidance of the Community Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC), the City produced the Comprehensive Plan Background Report (2002) (PDF), Comprehensive Plan Update to the Year 2010 EIR (1989)Economic Base Study: City of Ventura (2002) (PDF), Issues and Alternatives Report (2003) (PDF) and "Preferred Land Use Scenario (PDF)" which lay the groundwork of existing conditions, opportunities and constraints, and baseline assumptions that would help realize the Ventura Vision in the 2005 Ventura General Plan.

Among the actions taken during this process of establishing baseline information was the selection of a preferred land use scenario that forms the foundation upon which the 2005 Ventura General Plan is based. A CPAC presentation prior to transmittal of the Preferred Land Use Scenario to Planning Commission and City Council outlines the basic assumptions built into the scenario that would carry throughout refinement by Planning Commission, City Council and adoption of the 2005 Ventura General Plan.

General Plan Economic Studies

CLU Center for Economic Research 2017 Ventura County Forecast

Area Plan Market Studies