General Plan

Adopted August 8, 2005 after more than seven years of public meetings, 200 workshops and input by thousands of residents, the General Plan sets long-range goals based on a shared vision to guide Ventura's future. The City Council, advisory boards & commissions, city departments and staff rely upon the General Plan to guide certain functions, responsibilities, and services the City provides to our residents, foster economic prosperity of local businesses, and the protection of our natural and cultural resources in our community to attract tourists and visitors.

Read the 2005 General Plan (PDF), and the Final EIR for the 2005 General Plan (PDF).

Read the 1989 Comprehensive Plan (PDF) and the Final EIR for the 1989 Comprehensive Plan (PDF). For coastal zone properties please see the 1989 Land Use Plan Map.

For General Plan land use map click the link below:

General Plan land use map (PDF).

2005 Ventura General Plan