Current Environmental Documents for Review

The Grove Specific Plan Project

The Final EIR is now available for public review. The project involves a Vesting Tentative Tract Map, General Plan Amendment, Specific Plan, Prezone, Annexation, and Development Agreement. The project anticipates the future development of a residential neighborhood ranging between 200 to 250 dwellings on approximately 26.51 acres (a density of 9.43 units per acre) currently within the City's Sphere of Influence bounded on the north by State Route 126 (SR-126), on the east by the Thille Community Neighborhood, on the south by Telephone Road and Copland Drive, and on the west by the La Posada mobile home park, and farther to the west by the 101/SR-126 highway interchange.

Auto Center Specific Plan

The City of Ventura has prepared an Initial Study (IS) to evaluate the environmental impacts of the project identified below, as required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Project Description for Case #EIR-8-16-36293: PROJ-9801 consists of amendments to the Auto Center Specific Plan. In summary, the proposed amendments would add 7.5 acres of land to the Auto Center Specific Plan area; revise the sign regulations, allowing additional signage locations and a multiple-user; electronic reader-board sign; and revise the land use plan to prohibit used vehicle sales as a primary use.

North Bank Lift Station

The project is for the replacement of 3 existing pumps and motors, as well as adding a 4th pump to an existing sewer lift station. The project also includes replacement of the electrical and control system with current/updated equipment. All improvements are located within the existing lift station building. Sites location: 9955 North Bank Drive.

North Bank Apartments

This environmental document (EIR-12-13-19301) analyzes the proposed project, a request for a (1) Zone Change (Z-12-13-19295) from Commercial Planned Development (CPD) to Mixed Use Development (MXD), (2) a Planned Development Permit (PD-12-13-19299), and (3) a Formal Design Review (DRC 12-13-19297) for the construction of a new 306-unit residential apartment units and 5,000 square feet of commercial space and 5,000 square feet of community space within four (4) city blocks on a 8.03 acre parcel located at the east of the intersection of North Bank Drive and Johnson Drive within the Commercial Planned Development Zone and with a land use designation of Commerce. There are a total of thirteen (13) buildings, which include one (1) Commercial Block building, five (3) Mansion buildings, six (6) Stacked Dwelling buildings and two (2) Rowhouse buildings. The building massing consists of primarily four story buildings with portions of three story elements and two buildings with a two story element. A contemporary architectural style is used throughout the project..