Public Beachfront Parking Areas

The City provides public beach area parking at the following locations:

  • Parking Structure on the south side of Harbor Boulevard at California Street near the Ventura Pier*
  • Surfer's Point Park*
  • Ash Street parking area at the 101 freeway pedestrian overcrossing (downtown side)
  • Parking lot at the southerly end of Seaward Avenue adjacent to the beach
  • Paseo de Playa
  • Marina Park*
  • Other public streets in the Ventura Keys and Pierpont neighborhoods

*Paid parking

Other Public Parking Locations

In addition to parking provided by the City, there is public parking at Buenaventura State Beach, at the end of Shoreline Drive adjacent to the County Fairgrounds, and in the Ventura Harbor area.

Downtown Parking Lots & Structure

Parking downtown is convenient and a great way to visit Ventura! There nearly 2,000 free parking spaces in our historic downtown at 14 City lots, the free parking structure, and along several blocks in the downtown area. 

Downtown ParkingParking-Downtown Opens in new window

Downtown Pay Stations

Parking is free and without time restrictions for vehicles with an accessible parking placard or accessible license plate issued by the State. Here's a Pay Station User Guide on how to use them.

Pay with the ParkMobile App 

ParkMobile conveniently allows motorists to remotely pay for on-street parking. Download the app available on iTunes, Google Play, and Windows devices. 

How to Register*
How to Pay by App
How to Pay by Phone
1. Download the App and follow the prompts to enter your information. 1. Open the app and locate your appropriate ParkMobile zone number located at the Pay Station or within the app's locations map as well as your designated space number. 1. Dial 1-877-727-5951. It is recommended that you register prior to calling.
2. *An account is NOT required to pay for parking.

It is optional to complete your registration at a later time. 
2. Choose the duration of your parking session. 2. Enter your appropriate ParkMobile zone number located at the Pay Station or within the app's locations map as well as your designated space number.                                                           
3. Enter your plate number to save your information. You may add up to 5 plate numbers per account. 3. Confirm your information before processing your payment (location, registered license plate number if registered, session duration, and payment method). 3. Choose the duration of your parking session.
4. Lastly, enter your payment method.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            4. A timer will begin to countdown your session. You may choose to be notified by email, SMS text, or within the app's notifications. You may extend your parking session remotely without having to return to the pay station. 4. Confirm the amount to be charged.