Planning Documents

2005 Ventura General Plan

2008 Design Guidelines

Design guidelines are intended to provide design guidance to applicants for projects requiring design review approval, such as new commercial or residential subdivisions, the guidelines should also be used for all new development where applicable.

These guidelines assist applicants and the general public in the development process, provide land use information, and administer the zoning ordinance. Current Planning reviews all land use and development proposals for planning approval, and ensures compliance with zoning regulations and consistency with the General Plan, Local Coastal Program, California Environmental Quality Act and other applicable local and state regulations. Proposals range from new construction to minor additions or exterior improvements for commercial, industrial and residential properties, Conditional Uses, land divisions, signs, zone changes and land annexations.


    1997 Design Guidelines

    Area-Specific Documents


    Saticoy & Wells Community Plan

    Saticoy & Wells Development Code

    Saticoy Wells Plan

    Victoria Avenue Corridor Plan & Development Code

    Victoria Avenue Development Code Chapters

    Victoria Avenue Corridor Plan and Development Code