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The Planning Division is responsible for permitting development applications, creating regulatory programs, policies and ordinances, and engaging with the public and stakeholders in overall community development in the city. The Planning Division works collaboratively with applicants, developers, neighbors and community partners to ensure a sustainable future for the City of Ventura.

  1. Development Review Process

The City’s development review process ensures that future development proposals are adequately reviewed for compliance with land use regulations, necessary environmental review, and review from the City’s Planning Commission, Design Review Committee, Historic Preservation Committee and the Director's Hearing when required.

While the Development Review process is managed by the Planning Division and an assigned case planner, application review includes representatives from each of the other key divisions/departments, including Building & Safety, Land Development, Environmental Services, Ventura Water, Parks, Police and Fire.

  1. What's My Zoning?

Development Map
This is a working map that will be regularly updated to keep the community informed of the development activities occurring in the city.  Information includes:

  • New Application - Projects received within the last 30 days.
  • Under Review - Projects that are under planning review.
  • Set for Hearing - Projects that have been scheduled for review at a Public Hearing.
  • Recently Acted On - Projects that have received an approval or denial from a Hearing Body and are in their appeal period.
  • Entitled - Projects that have passed their appeal period and can submit for Building permits.
  • Under Construction - Projects that have received Building permits and are being constructed.

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