The Planning Division is responsible for permitting development applications, creating regulatory programs, policies and ordinances, and engaging with the public and stakeholders in overall community development in the city. The Planning Division works collaboratively with applicants, developers, neighbors and community partners to ensure a sustainable future for the City of Ventura.

Development Review Process

The City’s development review process ensures that future development proposals across the city are adequately reviewed for compliance with all applicable land use regulations, ensures any necessary environmental review is completed, and facilitates proper notice and public hearings when required with the City’s Planning Commission, Design Review Committee, Historic Preservation Committee and the Administrative Hearing Officer. While the Development Review process is by Planning Division and an assigned case planner, the effort of application review includes representatives from each of the other key divisions/departments that conditions and/or issues other permits associated with the application: Building & Safety, Land Development, Environmental Services, Ventura Water, Parks, Police and Fire.

What's my zoning?

For property zoning information, you may contact the Planning Counter at (805) 654-7869. Responses are typically within 24 hours on business days. Alternatively, you can also access zoning as well as some additional property information through our GIS mapping system and also through the City's Municipal Code.

I have a Project Concept, where do I start?

Single Family Home and Residential Additions 
For questions on permit applications, fees, and what needs to be provided, you may contact the Planning Counter Planner at (805) 654-7869 or by email. Responses are typically within 24 hours on business days. 

Business Change of Use or Tenant Improvements 
If your proposal only includes physical changes completely within the structure and the use will remain the same, please contact the Building & Safety Counter staff at (805) 654-7869 and they can assist you on building code requirements. If your proposal includes physical changes that will change the exterior façade, or you are seeking additions to the business, or changing the land use (i.e. an existing retail space seeking to become a restaurant), you may contact the Planning Counter Planner by email. Responses are typically within 24 hours on business days.

New Mixed-Use, Commercial, Industrial, Hotel Projects 
The City offers no-fee consultations for potential applicants/design teams who are exploring development potential at the City. These are called Initial Project Discussions (IPD) and include senior level staff sitting down for 1 hour to learn about the proposal, discuss initial thoughts on the concept and provide preliminary guidance on land use regulations, processes and procedures when developing in the City. To schedule an IPD, please contact Planning Division Secretary at (805) 658-4725 or by email. Not sure if you are ready for an IPD but still have a question or two? Please contact Planning Counter at (805) 654-7869 or by email.

City Development Activity (Pending Projects)
Except for new individual single family or residential additions, all other development activity is tracked and reported on the status of implementing the General Plan. This includes all new mixed-use, commercial, industrial and hotel projects and is known as the Pending Projects report. Click here to view the Development Map.