Requesting Bike Trail or Road Maintenance

 This interactive map will give you information on who maintains this road or path. There will be a phone number, email, or online form to report your observation.

Jurisdiction Link Phone Notes
County of Ventura Online Form 805-672-2073 Use the phone number only for issues with the Ojai Valley Trail north of Foster Park and the online form for all other requests.
City of Ventura Online Form 805-654-7769
Includes the Ventura River Trail south of Foster Park. To submit a request online, follow the link then click on "Streets and Transportation" then "Bike and Pedestrian" and then "Next" up top. The phone number is for the Traffic/Bicycle Hotline.
City of Oxnard
Online Form
Phone number directs to Public Works
City of Santa Paula Online Form 805-525-7870 ext.314
Phone number directs to Public Works Director Clete J. Saunier 
City of Ojai Online Form  805-646-5581  
City of Port Hueneme
Online Form
Phone number is the City's main line
Online Form
Includes all state highways and state bike trails
City of Santa Barbara
Phone number is the City's main line
City of Carpinteria
Online Form
(All issues) Public Works Director/City Engineer, Charlie Ebeling (email);
(Streets, Trees, Sidewalk issues) Public Works Supervisor, Paul Medel (email) - 805-755-4443;
(Stormwater, Solid Waste, Watershed issues) Environmental Coordinator, Erin Maker (email) - 805-880-3415
City of Goleta
Online Form

Santa Barbara County
All bike or moped related issues, Matt Dobberteen (email); In case Matt is away, Main Office (email) - 805-568-3000