Bicycling & Walking

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Ventura named a Bronze Bicycle Friendly Community℠
by the League of American Bicyclists.

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Thank you for participating in the City’s pilot program, “Shared Streets for Health and Safety During COVID-19.” 

The goal of this program was to calm traffic and provide additional opportunities for active transportation and wider pedestrian areas for physical distancing. Five locations throughout the City were selected for the pilot program, which ran from May to August. The City is exploring alternatives for possibly continuing this program in the future.

During the pilot program, nearly 300 people shared their feedback in a community survey posted on the City’s website. Here are some highlights the  Shared Streets program survey:

  • 79% of residents used their Shared Street for walking, jogging, running, skateboarding, biking, and wheelchair use 
  • 80% of residents used their Shared Streets at least once a week 
  • 50% of residents used their Shared Street at least once a day
  • 61% of respondents would like to see a similar program in the future 

If you would like to share additional input about the Shared Streets pilot program with the City,  please complete the final survey.  City staff wants to hear from you, especially as we prepare our Active Transportation Plan to examine our city’s mobility options for pedestrians and cyclists alike. 

For more information please visit the Active Transportation Plan Website.

On May 13, 2020, the City of Ventura joins several cities throughout the nation and launched a Shared Streets for Healthy and Safety During COVID-19 initiative, which allows for "soft" road closures in select neighborhood streets to through traffic to allow more space for being physically active in a safe manner during the Stay Well at Home order. This initiative is meant to help our community find safe and healthy ways to get outside to recreate and access essential services during COVID-19. Starting with a pilot phase, the City will designate some streets for “Local Traffic Only.”

Participate in our project conclusion survey 


The City of Ventura encourages increased use of active modes of transportation such as biking and walking in order to improve the quality of life in our community. Active transportation promotes healthier citizens, cleaner environment, safety for all roadway user types, and economic development.

The City of Ventura has over 400 bicycle lockers and racks, 60 miles of bike lanes, 35 miles of bike routes, and 34 miles of bike paths.
Bike 2 Work Day 2017

License Your Bike

Per Section 16.315.010 of the City's Municipal code, no one shall ride, move, haul, or leave standing on any road, street, or highway within the City a bicycle unless it has been licensed. In addition, having your bike licensed will help Ventura Police Department (PD) find and return your lost or stolen bike. The Ventura PD has a process for licensing your bike; read through our document Why Register a Bike (PDF).

Bike Lockers

Bike lockers are available to everyone.  Just bring your filled out application along with a $50 refundable deposit for damage/lost keys (check or cash only) to Ventura City Hall at 501 Poli Street, Room 120, Ventura, CA 93001. Bike Locker Application (PDF)

Only bicycles and bicycle related equipment can be stored in the lockers and random checks are performed by staff. An annual email or phone call is made to check if the locker is still being used. Locker map.

Numbered City Bike Lockers

Bike Maps and Trails

Download our new draft Bike map for the City of Ventura (PDF). You can print it out or save it to your electronic device. Feel free to provide feedback to our coordinator Derek via email or give us a call at 805-654-7849. Bike maps for Ventura County can be found on the Ventura County Transportation Committee (VCTC) website. There are also links to download an iOS or Android Ventura County Bike map application.

Ventura has established miles of on- and off-street bicycle paths while maintaining trails that stretch along the coastline for bicyclists, runners and joggers as part of the Pacific Coast Bike Trail. To obtain a map of the City and County Bike Paths, call the County of Ventura Dial-A-Route Center at 800-438-1112 or view the Ventura County Transportation Commission's Get There By Bike Map.

      Arroyo Verde Trail Map (pdf)

Bike-Friendly Transit

We've provided a quick-guide on the different types of transit and their rules for transporting bikes on board; information covers both Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. 
See individual services for routes and schedules.

Request a Bike Rack / Bollard

A free bicycle rack can be installed on the sidewalk in front of your business as long as the location meets the minimum requirements. Read the City's Bike Rack and Bollards Guidelines to help ensure your bike rack request is approved and to give you insight into what we look for when installing sidewalk bike racks in the City of Ventura.