Current Capital Projects

Westside Pedestrian and Bicycle Facility Improvement Project

The goal of this project is to improve bicycling and walking safety in Ventura’s Westside neighborhood. The project will construct curb extensions and flashing beacons at several intersections along Ventura Avenue between Kellogg Street and Leighton Drive. In addition, the project will make some bike lane and stop sign improvements along DeAnza Drive between Ventura Avenue and DeAnza Middle School. And, finally, the project will construct sidewalk and bicycle facilities along Cedar Street between Prospect Street and Poli Street.

US 101 - California Street Off-Ramp Relocation Project

The California Street Off-Ramp Relocation Project will extend the existing off-ramp from California Street to Oak Street. This will allow California Street to be easier to use by cars, bikes, and pedestrians. Check the US 101 - California street off-ramp relocation project page to keep up on the progress of the project.

Construction or Light worker fixing a street light or camera issue

California Street Bridge

This project will be replacing the existing low pedestrian railing with a higher and decorative railing as well as adding pedestrian lighting along the bridge. The project is in the construction phase. California Street Bridge - Pedestrian Enhancement.

Five Points Intersection Access Improvements

The project will add signalized pedestrian crossings, bike lanes, and sidewalk improvements so that the intersection is easier to use by pedestrians and bicyclists. The project is funded by local City funds and a two grants from VCTC and is expected to start construction in the Summer of 2017.

Anacapa Middle School Safe Route to School Project

The City is completing the design phase of a Federally funded Safe Route to School project that will improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities along Telegraph Road and access to Anacapa Middle School. The project includes widening of Telegraph Rd, sidewalk, bike lanes, a new traffic signal at Telegraph Rd/College Dr and bike parking facilities on the Anacapa Middle School campus. The project is expected to start construction in the Fall of 2017.

Westpark Access to Ventura River Trail

The City is working on a project to build a new access point from the Westside neighborhood to the Ventura River Trail through Westpark. The new trail access will connect to the end of Prospect Street.

Vista Del Mar - Harbor Sidewalk

The City is working with Caltrans to add sidewalk along Harbor Boulevard from Sanjon Road and Vista Del Mar to improve pedestrian access to the traffic signal where a safer crossing of Harbor Boulevard can occur. This project is waiting for approval from Caltrans.

Pavement Resurfacing projects

The City has several street resurfacing projects in the design process. The following projects are expected to go out to construction in the Summer or Fall of 2017:
  • Loma Vista Road (Main Street to Mills Road)
  • Main Street (Ventura Avenue to Ventura River Bridge)
  • Northbank Drive (Montgomery Avenue to Petit Avenue)