Land Development Engineering


For Structures lost or damaged in the Thomas Fire, Public Works - Land Development staff will expedite the review and processing of grading permits and encroachment permits for associated utility work such as water, sewer, gas and electrical connections for the reconstruction of homes.

Purpose, Mission, Staff

The Land Development Engineering Division in Public Works collaborates with the Planning Division and other City Departments to review and approve private development projects throughout the City. Its main function is to ensure that new developments, which include residential, industrial and commercial projects, meet applicable City ordinances and state laws and their impacts to existing infrastructure are properly mitigated.

Land Development staff also reviews and approves site grading plans to ensure that development projects drain properly and public improvement plans to ensure that improvements made in the public right-of-way meet all City standards. Land Development Engineering also processes Maintenance Assessment Districts (MADs), Tract Maps and issues Encroachment Permits and License Agreements for any improvements within public right-of-way.

Staff consists of 2 engineers and 2 engineering technicians plus support staff and consultants.