Land Use Changes Proposed for Montalvo Area

Invitation to Provide Feedback on Proposed Land Use Regulations

The Montalvo community was officially incorporated into the City of Ventura in September 2012. Along with changes to water, trash, fire and police services, Montalvo property owners were also affected by land use regulations (General Plan and zoning) changing from County of Ventura to City of Ventura.
Montalvo residents have expressed concern regarding these land use changes, and as an effort to address these concerns, the City of Ventura is proposing changes to land use designations for many of the properties in the Montalvo area.

At a community meeting on October 28, 2014, City planners presented proposed changes to the Victoria Avenue Corridor Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and the General Plan. Download the presentation (PDF).

Please direct questions to Scott Kolwitz, Principal Planner, at 805-658-4755.

Past Meetings & Workshops

Past public meetings and workshops held regarding the annexation of Montalvo area: