Collage of images of construction workers, streets, and parking

Goal & Objectives

The City's Transportation Division's goal is to make Ventura a better place through improving the transportation network by identifying, developing, and maintaining practical, environmentally sound, economical, and innovative solutions that are responsive to the needs of all travel modes, so that people, goods, and services can move safely and efficiently, while protecting and enhancing the quality of life for all citizens in the City.

Our specific objectives include planning, implementing, monitoring, and maintaining the City's street network, transit system, bikeway and pedestrian facilities, parking, and demand management programs as directed by the City Council and stated in the City's General Plan. The key element in achieving the goals and objectives of the division is collaboration with other department and divisions within the City as well as our community stakeholders.

Main Department Functions

The major functional areas within the division are:

City-Wide Daily Traffic Count Data

The City no longer conducts city-wide daily traffic counts. The most recent city-wide daily traffic count (PDF) was taken in 2007; a copy of the map is shown.


The City participates annually in Rideshare Week during the month of October and supports Rideshare all year long.  Find out more from, you’re just steps away from saving money, reducing stress, and taking the hassle out of getting to work.