Preserving Public & Historic Buildings

City Hall Centennial

Facilities Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance is responsible for the maintenance and repair of public and historic buildings - its infrastructure, equipment, amenities, and furnishings to provide safe, comfortable and aesthetic environments for public use.

The Facilities team takes care of over 700,000 square feet of space in 75 city-owned buildings including:
  • Avenue Adult Center
  • Historic City Hall
  • Maintenance Yard
  • Olivas Adobe
  • Park restrooms
  • Police and Fire stations
  • Ventura Pier
  • Ventura Water buildings.
  • West Park Gym

See complete listing of the City's Public Historic Buildings.


Services are provided through scheduled maintenance programs for HVAC, security, janitorial services, utilities, and renovation projects. Facilities Management works to protect the integrity of the building structure, meet all regulatory requirements, ensure accessible, functional, healthy and safe buildings and facilities to support customer operations and intended public use.

We maintain sustainable facilities operations by adhering to green building standards, energy and water conservation, recycling, reusing and reducing adverse impacts to the environment.