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The City's Safe & Clean website is dedicated to keeping the public informed about the latest programs and initiatives committed to maintaining healthy open spaces for the public to enjoy while addressing homelessness in our community. The Safe & Clean Initiative (PDF) was adopted by City Council in November 2011. 

The approach to Safe & Clean public places has five core elements that strive to align city, private, business and non-profit resources and focuses on condition, uses, and behaviors.

  • Focused police presence with an emphasis on behaviors, which can include vandalism, drug dealing, drinking in public, urinating in public, physical violence, aggressive panhandling, and other types of harassment. The Ventura Police Department has teams of Officers in a unit called the Patrol Task Force who engage in restorative policing and street outreach. To report suspicious behavior, contact the Ventura Police Department non-emergency phone at 805-650-8010.

  • Maintain clean public spaces via the Safe & Clean Team and partnerships with other City departments and the Downtown Ventura Ambassadors. Call the Safe & Clean Hotline 805-677-3900 to report debris in public spaces, parks/public bathroom issues, graffiti, potholes and code violations.

  • Activate public spaces by encouraging park use and recreation for the entire community to enjoy. Anti-social activity can occur in places where there is lack of activity. The City has created a Special Event Permit Fund to assist in creating activities in public places.

  • Strengthen collaboration with county, social service and faith-based organizations. In an era when local government can no longer subsidize alone all the services needed- we are working together, more collaboratively with partnerships. This includes strengthening social and faith-based collaborations to provide help to those who want to help. Some of our partners include Catholic Charities, County of Ventura, Downtown Ventura Organization/Downtown Ventura Partners, Project Understanding, Salvation Army, Turning Point, Ventura Social Services Task Forces and many local faith-based groups.

  • Reinforce giving to services through educational efforts and reinforcing social services. The hand-up not a hand-out philosophy encourages giving to local agencies rather than panhandlers. Panhandling is not illegal; however, for people living on the streets it perpetuates the problem. Learn more about panhandling alternatives and act responsibly.
  1. City Council 1_1 Graphic

    Upcoming City Council Meeting

    Join us for the next City Council meeting on Monday, May 17, 2021, at 6:00 pm. Learn more about how to watch the meeting "live" and how to submit comments both before and during the meeting. General Information
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    Miss the first General Plan Workshop? It's not too late to participate!

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    Utility Billing Update

    Ventura Water customers will have limited bill payment options from Thursday, May 20 to Monday, May 24. Read on...
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    The Summer Parks & Recreation Activity Guide is here

    Summer is calling! The Virtual Parks & Recreation Activity Guide has been published. Summer registration opens May 18! We've got something for everyone, come join the fun! View the Activity Guide
  5. AVP-Newsflash-Apr-2021-500x500_A

    Construction has Begun on the City's First Fully Inclusive Play Area

    The City of Ventura has begun construction on its first fully inclusive play area for children of all abilities. Additional Info...
  6. EPSBan-Newsflash-500x500

    Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Ban Food and Beverage Containers

    Effective July 1, 2021, the City of Ventura will prohibit the use of expanded polystyrene (EPS) containers used by food and beverage providers. In November 2020, the Council passsed an ordinance banning EPS food and beverage containers within the city. Additional Info...
  7. 5.3.21- News Flash

    Sign-up for the bi-weekly MyVentura Newsletter

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  8. Newsflash- VCLECC

    Ventura County Law Enforcement Leaders Stand Together Against Hate

    In this video, Chief Darin Schindler, Chair for the Ventura County Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee (VCLECC), joins law enforcement leaders in the County of Ventura in sharing a special message standing up against hate & violence in our communities. Additional Info...
  9. Newsflash- FHRP

    Fire Hazard Reduction Program

    Ventura City Fire reminds residents to clear brush ahead of fire season Additional Info...
  10. COVID-19_Update_OrangeTier_Newsflash

    Ventura Moves Into State's Orange Tier for Reopening

    The State has approved the County of Ventura to move to the less restrictive Orange Tier, which allows more business sectors to open with modifications. Read on...
  11. SafeSidewalkProgram-Newsflash-500x500

    Announcing the new Safe Sidewalks Program

    The City of Ventura is pleased to announce the Safe Sidewalks Program, a reimbursement program funded by Measure O that helps expedite sidewalk repair needs throughout the City by covering a portion of the repair costs for improvements made by residents. Additional Info...
  12. Safe and Clean FAQ

    Safe & Clean FAQs

    Looking for answers to frequently asked questions about homeless services in Ventura? View FAQs...
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    Sign-up for the bi-weekly MyVentura Newsletter

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  14. WaterLogo-Newsflash-500x500

    Ventura Water proposes water and wastewater rate adjustments

    The Ventura City Council approved to move forward with five-year water and wastewater rate adjustments by authorizing the City to proceed with a Public Notice, informing customers of the proposed rate increases. Additional Info...
  15. Gary Brink Photo_Downtown Ventura

    Main Street Moves Extended to 2022

    The Ventura City Council has approved an extension for Downtown Ventura's Main Street Moves into January 2022. Read on...
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    Join our 2021 Virtual Gardening Series!

    Each month a local expert will discuss how you can conserve water or practice more sustainable gardening techniques. Read on...
  17. Rates Engagement Page

    Water and Wastewater Rates

    Visit for information on the City of Ventura's proposed water and wastewater rate adjustments. Additional Info...
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