Bring Your Own Bags


Always bring your own reusable bags when you shop. It's free and the preferred environmental alternative.

Free Reusable Bag For City of Ventura Residents!

City Residents, if you would like a complimentary reusable bag please contact Ventura's Environmental Sustainability Division at 805-652-4525.
Reusable Bag

Tips for Remembering & Maintaining Your Reusable Bags

With so many billions of bags being consumed each year, addressing the issue of plastic bag liter may seem like a daunting task. The good news is that single use plastic bag litter is caused by individual actions, and individual actions can and will make a huge different in stemming the tide of single use plastic bag litter. Below are some simple but important things you can do to protect our environment:

  • If you forget your bag while in the store, simply walk back to your car to get it.
  • Jot a reminder on your shopping list to bring your reusable bag to the store.
  • Keep one or two reusable bags in your car.
  • Keep some reusable bags in your briefcase and at the office.
  • Place a reminder note on your refrigerator to bring your reusable bags with you when you leave the house.
  • Place your reusable bags by the door, near your car keys, or with your store coupons.
  • Remember to clean / wash your reusable bags frequently. Follow the care instructions on the tag of the bag. Most cloth and fabric bags can be machine washed, while durable plastic bags should be wiped clean. Allow your bags to dry completely before storing.
  • Set aside specific reusable bags for packing groceries. Use separate bags for raw meat products.
- Article from LA County Department of Public Works
Reusable Bag Cycle