Code Enforcement

Preserving Our Community

The City of Ventura strives to maintain and improve the quality of life in neighborhoods, commercial corridors and industrial areas throughout the community. The Code Enforcement Division works with residents, business owners, and neighborhood and professional associations to respond to complaints of violations that include substandard buildings, property maintenance, inoperative vehicles, weed abatement, land use and other violations. When violations are identified, the responsible parties are contacted and requested to abate the conditions. Failure to correct violations could result in a citation or a referral to the City Attorney’s office.

Code Enforcement serves our community with compassion to:
  • Promote safe and clean neighborhoods
  • Preserve property values
  • Support economic vitality through education and compliance

Code Enforcement receives requests to enforce ordinances adopted to address blight, nuisances, and health and safety issues. We recognize every resident plays an important role in our community and deserves a safe place to work and live. While attempting to balance the needs of all of our residents, we strive to deliver our services in a timely fashion, professionally, and with a good attitude.

Code Enforcement Cases - Before and After

Ramona Before: House ran down
House fixed up
Sign Before
Sign After