Seismic Retrofit Program

Voluntary Residential Retrofit Information

The Voluntary Retrofit of Older Residential Wood Frame Structures is a program of the City's Building and Safety Division that is designed to assist owners with the seismic upgrade of single family homes to promote public safety and welfare by reducing the risk of earthquake-induced damage to existing homes. In the aftermath of a major seismic event, those who reside in homes rendered uninhabitable by damage incurred in the initial or subsequent events will find themselves without shelter.
Seismic Force Probability Map
The program has been designed to make a simple, effective and efficient way for our Ventura City residents to do the retrofit on their homes that are on "unbraced cripple walls" or that are not bolted to the foundation. A standard retrofit plan is available for free at the permit counter, located at 501 Poli Street Room 117. A single sheet plan consists of :
  • Area to draw the outline of your home
  • Instructions
  • Technical notes
  • Construction details
  • Reinforcement schedule
Residents pay a 1-hour inspection permit fee, plans will be reviewed over the counter and a permit can be issued the same day.


Earthquake Preparedness

Taking steps to become prepared in a disaster will save lives and protect property. Please refer to the information provided in the links below: