Yard Waste


Yard waste that is placed in the trash bin will be taken to a landfill where it decomposes with the rest of the waste stream, wasting the significant amount of nutrients in the yard waste that could be turned into a valuable soil amendment.

Appropriate Disposal

Yard waste that is placed in the proper container (the brown dumpster or bin), is taken to the Agromin Limoneira facility where it is turned into mulch and compost.
Recycle Mandatory Business Organics
Food waste
Food waste

Business Yard Waste

There are new mandatory commercial green waste recycling requirements in California due to the enactment of Assembly Bill 1826. Beginning April 1, 2016, all businesses (including multi-family residential dwellings of five or more units) that generate 8 cubic yards per week of green waste (landscape and pruning waste) are required to recycle their green waste by either:

  1. Arranging for the composting of landscape waste at a permitted facility through the contracted landscape maintenance contractor (verification required)
  2. Composting landscape waste on site (verification required)
  3. Signing up for E J. Harrison and Sons commercial organics recycling services


The intent of this legislation is to increase the overall recycling rate in California and reduce the amount of methane gas generated in landfills by removing organic material. Organic material has more environmental and community benefits when it is collected and processed separately from trash.

Waste Assessment

The City of Ventura and E J. Harrison and Sons can provide free waste assessments to help businesses comply with this law. Options for recycling landscaping waste can be discussed during free waste assessments.

You may make online reservations for assessments. We look forward to working with you to protect Ventura's environment and keep our City safe and clean.

Residential Yard Waste

Residents can sign up for yard waste collection service from EJ. Harrison by calling 805-647-1414, or by emailing customer service.