Elected City Council Member Statements

  1. Neal Andrews Statements

    See Neal Andrews' filing periods and forms necessary to disclose campaign finance statements.

  2. Cheryl Heitmann Statements

    See Cheryl Heitmann's campaign disclosure statements that were filed.

  3. Jim Monahan Statements

    Review Jim Monahan's disclosure statements and see how the financial operations of various years' campaigns.

  4. Carl Morehouse Statements

    View Carl Morehouse's statements in recent years.

  5. Erik Nasarenko Statements

    Access Erik Nasarenko's statements.

  6. Mike Tracy Statements

    Mike Tracy has a large selection of campaign disclosure forms. View the Form 460s, amendments, and more.

  7. Christy Weir Statements

    View Christy Weir's campaign finance disclosure statements.