Request Public Information

Pursuant to the Public Records Act (California Government Code Section 6250, et seq.), a person may request copies or review public records. With certain exceptions, all City records are available for public inspection. Requests can submit in-person, by email or phone, or by following the online submission steps below.

Timeline for Requests

Within 10 days the City will notify the requester and provide an estimate for the records. If any exemptions from disclosure or delay in providing the information are known, the City will notify the requester within 10 days and request a 14-day extension.

How to Request Public Information

Step 1 - Records Retention Schedule

Review the City’s adopted Records Retention Schedule to determine if the record exists and if the City is required to maintain it under state and local law.

Step 2 - Public Access Portal

Search our Public Access Portal to see if what you are requesting is already publicly available.

Step 3 - Request Public Information

Submit an online Request for Public Information. If you know the appropriate department, you can select it when you submit your request. If not, select the City Clerk.

Step 4 - Contact City Clerk’s Office

For help locating your record, Contact the City Clerk's Office at 805-658-4787 or email the City Clerk.

For hard copy requests, see fees below.

Black & White

Standard (8.5x11) or Legal (8.5x14)
$ 0.15/per page

Tabloid (11x17)
$ 0.25/per page

Color Copies

Standard (8.5x11) or Legal (8.5x14)
$ 0.30/per page

Tabloid (11x17)
$ 0.55/per page

Large format Maps or Documents

Various Sizes, outside service fees vary. Contact us for details.

Document Certification
$ 10/document

Form 700 Campaign Statements

Standard (8.5x11)
$ 0.10/per page

Flash Drive/DVD/CD

$ 5/each