Residential Services

Sole Provider of Services

This City of Ventura and EJ. Harrison and Sons have an exclusive franchise agreement, which means that EJ. Harrison and Son's, Inc. is the sole provider of solid waste and recycling collection services in the City. This arrangement ensures competitive rates and quality service for residents and businesses and eliminates duplicate trash collection service resulting in less large vehicle traffic and less wear and tear on our streets. The agreement also requires EJ. Harrison to meet stringent recycling standards, which is one of the reasons Ventura's landfill diversion rate is an impressive 74%.

New Brochure

The Helpful Tips For Ventura Residents Brochure (PDF) will help you to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

What Goes Where?

The Ventura Recycles Flyer (PDF) will assist you in learning more!

When is My Pick-Up?

Contact EJ Harrison Customer Service to find out your pick-up day.

Curbside Collection

Curbside trash and recyclables are hauled to Gold Coast Recycling and Transfer Station in Ventura. Trash (your green barrel) is hauled to the Toland Landfill near Santa Paula. No recyclable items are sorted or removed so be sure to put only trash in the green barrel.

The recyclable materials (your blue barrel) are hauled to the Materials Recovery Facility at Gold Coast Inc. in Ventura. Here, they are sorted, bailed and transported to various recycling markets. It is important to know what can and cannot be placed into the recycling barrels to ensure efficient processing of materials and to protect the machinery and workers from harm.

Yard waste (your brown barrel) is hauled directly to a composting facility near Santa Paula. The site, owned by Limoneira and operated by Agromin processes all of Ventura's yard waste into valuable compost, which is applied to Limoneira's many orchards.

Bulky Item Collection

Residential customers are permitted two bulky items to be left curbside once per calendar year at no charge. Bulky items are defined as discarded, large household appliances, furniture, tires, carpets, mattresses, and similar large items which require special handling due to their size. To request a pick-up call EJ Harrison at 647-1414 or submit a request online.

Residential Reuse and Recycling Brochure (PDF)

Residential Re-use And Recyling Brochure Cover

Organic Waste

Food Waste

Learn quick tips and mandatory requirements of food waste in your community.

Food Waste Prevention

Read about the Food Waste Prevention Challenge.

Yard Waste

Yard waste that is placed in the proper container (the brown dumpster or bin), is taken to the Agromin Limoneira facility where it is turned into mulch and compost.