Residential Services

Ventura Recycles

Be a Recycling Super Star

We are very excited to join the Recycle Coach network, which will help transform how we communicate about local collection, waste, and recycling information to our residents. The city of Ventura has always taken environmental responsibility seriously, and this is simply another way for us to support our community in becoming greater stewards of our lovely city. With your support, we can continue to increase our landfill diversion rate of 74%. 

Beyond that, the Recycle Coach platform includes engagement and educational tools to help people manage and correctly dispose of their waste. We hope that this opportunity helps reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill, increases environmental awareness, and increase our ability to promote outreach and educational opportunities.

Sole Provider of Services

The City of Ventura and E.J. Harrison and Sons have an exclusive franchise agreement, which means that E.J. Harrison and Son’s, Inc. is the sole provider of solid waste and recycling collection services in the City. This arrangement ensures competitive rates and quality service for residents and businesses. By eliminating duplicate trash collection services, we reduce large vehicle traffic and prevent excess wear and tear on our streets. The agreement also requires E.J. Harrison to meet stringent recycling standards, which is one of the reasons Ventura’s landfill diversion rate is an impressive 74%.

To inquire about residential trash, yard waste, and recycling service please call 1-800-418-7274 or 805-647-1414. To submit a service request, please visit the E.J. Harrison & Sons Website.

Curbside Collection

Curbside trash and recyclables are hauled to Gold Coast Recycling and Transfer Station in Ventura. Trash (green barrel) is hauled to the Toland Landfill near Santa Paula. It’s important to note that no recyclable items are sorted or removed from the landfill-bound waste stream. This means that everything that goes in your green barrel will end up in the landfill, so be sure to consider what type of material you’re throwing away before you dispose of it.

Recyclable materials (blue barrel) are hauled to the Materials Recovery Facility at Gold Coast Inc. in Ventura. Here, items are sorted, bailed, and transported to various recycling markets. It is important to know what can and cannot be placed into the recycling barrels to ensure efficient processing of materials and to protect the machinery and workers from harm.

Yard Waste (brown barrel) is hauled directly to a composting facility near Santa Paula. The site, owned by Limoneira and operated by Agromin, processes all of Ventura’s yard waste into valuable compost, which is applied to Limoneira’s many orchards.

Bulky Item Collection

Residential customers may arrange for service of four bulky items during two pick-ups per year, without charge. Bulky items are defined as discarded, large household appliances, furniture, tires, carpets, mattresses, and similar large items which require special handling due to their size. To request a pick-up call E.J. Harrison at 647-1414 or submit a request online at

Organic Waste & Composting

Almost half of all food goes uneaten every year. We have compiled some quick tips and mandatory requirements of  Food Waste in your community. Food Waste Prevention is a challenge, but it’s one of the best ways to improve the sustainability of your life.

One way to reduce the amount of trash that goes to the landfill is to have a backyard compost pile. Scraps from your kitchen can be turned into a rich, healthy soil amendment and used in your garden. Yard waste like grass clippings, tree trimmings and other organic items from your yard can be placed in the brown yard waste bin. It is hauled to Agromin’s facility where it is processed into a high quality mulch used on local agricultural fields.
The City sponsors a discount program in partnership with Green Thumb Nursery where you can purchase either a worm bin or a compost bin at 50% the retail price. Just show proof of City residence. Free mulch is also available on a first come basis at Cornucopia Gardens, located just off Telephone Road, across from Kimball Community Park. Using mulch and organic compost are great ways to reduce waste, conserve water, reduce need for application of pesticides or fertilizers and help with pest management.