Green Business Certification Program


Go Green at Your Business!

The City of Ventura is part of the California Green Business Network, which means local business can become Certified Green Businesses by following industry-specific guidelines, with the help of local Green Business Program Coordinator Lars Davenport. Visit Green Business website for more information and to sign up for the program.

Green California Green Business Network City of Ventura

What is it?

A Green Business voluntarily implements environmentally responsible practices in areas like water conservation, waste reduction, energy conservation, waste reduction, energy efficiency, and pollution prevention. This is done by following an online checklist, specific to your business type, with assistance from your green business coordinator.

Why Go Green?

Its free and you get on-site assistance, marketing benefits, and cost savings, all while meeting customer demands for green practices and environmental stewardship.

What’s in it for me?

Get connected with rebates, including a $500 rebate for any updates needed to comply with the checklist. And get local and statewide recognition, including: a recognition ceremony at a City Council meeting, social media posts, and placement in the statewide green business directory.

Assistance Available

To assist businesses though the certification process, City of Ventura Environmental Specialist, Lars Davenport, come to your business to walk you through the registration process and discuss the steps that need to be taken for certification qualification. After one meeting, you will have a short list of changes to make to complete your certification. Once a business becomes certified, a Green Business logo will be presented to you to display in-store, online, and in your PR and marketing materials. Newly certified businesses will also be entered into a statewide database with other certified green businesses and will be listed on the Shop Green app.

Green Business Certification is currently available in the City of Ventura for almost all business types. For more information, contact Lars Davenport at 805-652-4595 or by Email.

Check out these videos highlighting Ventura's Green Business Certifications!