Green Business Certification Program

Green Business is Smart Business

Get local and statewide recognition for your business when you become a certified California green business.

An Easy Process

It's become even easier for local businesses to be green. The City of Ventura's Environmental Sustainability division is part of the California Green Business Network which helps local jurisdictions go through an easy process to become a certified green business.


Find out the benefits of becoming a green certified business by viewing this video.
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Program Attributes

The certification program encourages businesses help protect the environment with:
  • Proven recycling
  • Renewable energy practices
  • Water conservation

Assistance Available

To assist businesses through the certification process at no-cost, City of Ventura Environmental Specialist, Lars Davenport, will meet you at your place of business and walk you through the registration process as well as discuss steps that need to be taken for certification qualification. Once a business becomes certified, a certification logo will be presented to you to display in-store, online and in your PR and marketing materials. Newly certified businesses will also be entered into a statewide database with other certified green businesses. 

Green Business Certification is currently available in the City of Ventura only for local office retail shops and restaurants. For more information, Contact: Lars Davenport at 805-652-4595.

Ventura's first Green Business Certifications - Watch the Videos

Red Brick Pizza

Red Brick Pizza

Himalaya Restaurant

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Watch the "SustainableVentura.TV" Show to find out more about becoming a Green Certified Business

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