Request Duplication of Building Plans

The Building and Safety Division maintains some archived records, including architectural or construction plans. The plans, if archived, are available for public viewing. However, California Health and Safety Code Chapter 10, Section 19851 prohibits the duplication of official building plans, or documents such as reports and calculations associated with those plans, unless approved by the owner of the plans (ie; architect, engineer, etc). If you need to obtain copies of any plan sets, please follow the City process below for the Duplication of Building Plans.   

1. You must first visit our Public Counter at City Hall, located at 501 Poli St, Room 117 Ventura, CA 93001, to ensure that the archived plans for your requested address are available at the Public Counter Records station. For older plan sets that are not displaying, please speak with Front Counter Staff for assistance. If seeking to request a duplication of plans after this review, please take record of the names of any and all design professionals who have their signatures and/or stamp present on the plans

Note: You may review all plans on file for your requested address and information may be taken as needed. You may not print copies, take photos, or reproduce any portion of the copyrighted plans. 

2. If, after confirming that the City has plans on record, and should you choose to proceed with obtaining official copies of building plans, please make a formal request through My Ventura Access: Building Permits>Building and Construction. The necessary documents will be provided through your assigned Case #.

  •  Please note that the process to obtain copies of official building plans may take up to 8 weeks once there is confirmation of a complete request with all required paperwork, due to the legally required permissions process. The current applicable plan retrieval fee is $92, due upon confirmation from staff of a complete form packet.  ALL PLAN DUPLICATION REQUEST FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE

4. You must obtain authorization from the Property Owner (the City will NOT proceed with the process until permission is granted by the current property owner through the required form).

5. You must obtain authorization from the design professional(s), if any are listed, that have stamped the official copies of the plans. Information for certified professionals can be obtained at the websites listed below:

We will NOT release plans until permission is granted by the listed certified, licensed, registered design professional(s) who stamped and/or signed the plans.

6. Be prepared for the authorization process to take an estimated 30 - 60 days to complete. California State Law states that the design professional has 30 days to respond to this request, and that an additional 30 days may be granted due to extenuating circumstances as described in Health and Safety Code Section 19851(f)(1). 

If the professional(s) deny the request, the City cannot release plans for duplication.

7. Once permission is received by the design professional(s), the plans may be e-mailed to the applicant free of charge if the City currently has the plans in electronic format. If not currently in electronic format, duplication will require specialized equipment and printing by a third-party reprographics company.  You will deal directly with the vendor as to the payment for their service.  Please coordinate a pickup date and time for your building plan duplication service directly with the reprographics company to retrieve the plans from 501 Poli St, Room 117, Ventura, CA 93001. The applicant is responsible for any and all fees charged by the third-party reprographic contractor for the duplication.