Leaf Blower Trade-In Program

General Information

Ventura residents or businesses who trade in a working gasoline-powered blower can apply for this program to receive a 50% discount on a battery-powered leaf blower! 

Take advantage of this discount program ahead of upcoming California regulation that will ban the sale of new gasoline-powered leaf blowers starting in 2024 as California transitions to zero-emission lawn equipment!

Qualifying Equipment

Qualifying battery-powered leaf blowers are Husqvarna 230 iB, Stihl BGA 86, and Stihl BGA 100 (commercial customers only). Limit one blower per residential address and two blowers per business. One charger and two batteries can be discounted with each blower. Accessories will not be discounted on their own.

Submit the following to apply:

Step 1

Fill out the Gas Powered Trade-in Application (PDF) en español (PDF) and turn in the coupon to:

Green Thumb Nursery:
1899 S. Victoria Avenue, Ventura, CA

Step 2

Once approved, return your working gasoline blower along with proof of residency to Green Thumb Nursery.

Bring proof of City of Ventura residency such as a Ventura Water or other utility bill.

Bring proof of Ventura address and requirement for blower (e.g., landscaping business).