American Public Works Association (APWA)

In 2014, Ventura Public Works joined national and international standards of excellence in Public Works operations and practices by receiving the American Public Works Association (APWA) Award. 

This process compared the City to national industry standards for the effective use of resources to deliver public works services. The City of Ventura Public Works Department becomes the 92nd agency in North America and the 11th agency in California to receive such a prestigious award. Visit the APWA website to learn more.

Other AWPA-accredited agencies include: City of Berkeley, City of Oakland, City of Encinitas, City of Fresno, City of Palmdale, City of San Francisco, City of Thousand Oaks, Alameda County, Contra Costa County, San Fransico County, and Orange County. 

What is Accreditation? 

The APWA Accreditation program is a multi-year program for public works agencies to conduct an in-depth self-assessment of its policies, procedures, and practices. It is a way for agencies to be compared to nationally established best management practices and is also a valuable tool for continuous improvement.