Homelessness Programs and Resources

The City works closely with local social service providers and the County of Ventura to support programs, long-term solutions, and create new partnerships to help connect unsheltered individuals to supportive services.

While giving money to panhandlers may feel good for a moment, it's not good in the long term. We encourage community members to adhere to the hand-up, not a hand-out philosophy, encouraging giving to partner agencies rather than panhandlers. 

The below organizations are those the City of Ventura has an active partnership with, currently working to address homelessness.

  1. Buddy Nation

Link: website

Assist those experiencing homelessness with pets in Ventura. Provides veterinary care, spay/neuter services, food, and supplies.

  1. Catholic Charities
  1. City Center Transitional Living
  1. Downtown Ventura Partners
  1. Family Reconnection Program
  1. Park Ambassadors
  1. Laundry Love
  1. National Health Foundation Recuperative Care
  1. One Stop Health Care Services
  1. Project Understanding
  1. River Community Church
  1. Salvation Army Safe Sleep
  1. Step Up Ventura
  1. Tender Life Maternity Home
  1. The ARCH Year-Round Shelter
  1. Turning Point Foundation
  1. Ventura Social Services Task Force
  1. Ventura Homeless Prevention Fund