Tank Replacement Hall Canyon

Hall Canyon Tank - 550

Project Scope

The original scope of this project included the seismic upgrade of the two existing 235,000 gallon tanks at Hall Canyon. As part of the design process, a preliminary design report was prepared that examined options, including replacing the tanks. Since the tanks are over 60-years-old, it was determined the best option was to replace the tanks rather than retrofit them.

Replacing the tanks versus retrofitting was estimated to increase the construction cost by only 7%, but would result in substantially increasing the useful life by an estimated fifty years. In addition to the new tanks, the scope of work includes: ladders, railings, corrosion protection, internal water recirculation system and asphalt paving at the tanks' site.

Start Date: March 2016

Estimated Completion date: December 2016

Construction Engineer: Neal Knopik 805-677-3953