Golf Course Well Number 7 Enclosure

Well Replacement

The proposed Golf Course Well 7 will pump from the Oxnard Plain Groundwater Basin, which is managed by the Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency (FCGMA). FCGMA has approved construction of Well 7 as a replacement well for existing Golf Course Well 3, which is not an active well and was destroyed as part of the drilling project. The existing Golf Course Wells 5 and 6 have been operating continuously, and as a result, continue to decrease in water production. The new Well 7 will provide needed backup and redundancy to the existing two wells and serve as a replacement well.

Two Phases

Construction of Golf Course Well 7 will occur in two phases. The first phase consists of drilling and constructing the new well, which is completed. The second phase (current project) consists of site improvements, installing the pump, motor, related equipment and making the new well operational.

Estimated Start Date - April 2016

Estimated Completion Date - August 2016

Construction Engineer - Ernie Ferrer 805-677-3905

Contractor - Taft Electric