Ventura River Trail Improvements


The Ventura River Trail Improvement Project seeks to renovate approximately 1.8-miles of the existing trail, from the Rex/Dubbers trail beginning at the southern limits to the City of Ventura limits, near Sycamore Village, on the north end. 

Funded by the Clean California Local Grant Program (CCLGP) for a total of nearly $5 million, this project will fund infrastructure improvements like repaving the trail, adding a comprehensive wayfinding and signage program, improving accessibility at key locations, adding solar lighting, and other various beautification and urban greening elements to help fill a growing need to provide improvements for this aging trail.

Renderings of Improvements - courtesy of PCLD

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Upcoming Events 

Community Workshop - Tuesday, December 6 at 6:30 p.m. at Westpark Community Center 

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Ventura River Trail Project Map
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  • To reduce the amount of waste and debris within public rights-of-way, pathways, parks, transit centers, and other public spaces.
  • To enhance, rehabilitate, restore, or install measures to beautify and improve public spaces.
  • To enhance public health, cultural connection, and community placemaking by improving public spaces for walking and recreation
  • Advance equity for underserved communities.
  • Greening to provide shade, reduce the urban island effect, and use native, low-water plants

Project background

Originally constructed as a rails-to-trails amenity in the late 1990s, the Ventura River Trail hugs State Route 33 and the east bank of the Ventura River, forming the western boundary of Ventura’s Westside neighborhood. Along the 1.8-mile City of Ventura stretch of the trail is a mix of residential, industrial, educational, and park land uses.