Virtual Living History Field Trip Video Series

Episode 1 - Introduction to the Olivas Family

Interpreter Tom explains when Don Raymundo & Dona Teodora Olivas received a land grant from the Mexican government and started building the present-day two-story Olivas Adobe known in 1847 as the Rancho San Miguel.

Episode 2 - Corn Grinding

Interpreter Leonor demonstrates one of the important chores at the rancho, grinding large kernels of corn into masa for tortilla making!

Episode 3 - Making Tortillas

Interpreter Susie explains how tortillas were the essential food item for the Olivas family and the workers on the rancho.

Episode 4 - Downstairs House Tour

Interpreter Susie leads us through the rooms on the first floor of the adobe house. See furnishings, artifacts, and unique instruments used during the 1800’s.

Episode 5 - Upstairs House Tour

Join interpreter Leonor as she walks through the bedrooms on the second story of the Adobe.

Episode 6 - Rancho Tools

Interpreter Tom describes the many tools used on a working cattle rancho.

Episode 7 - Making Adobe Bricks

Check out the adobe mud-pit and learn about the process of making your own adobe bricks with interpreter Tom.

Episode 8 - Conclusion

Join the interpreters in the Olivas Adobe courtyard and learn how the Rancho Period finally came to an end due to numerous dramatic weather incidents.