Public Art Program


Ventura's Public Art Program was enacted in 1991 and since then has incorporated an artist's vision to capital improvement projects providing visitors and residents alike with a new understanding of urban design in Ventura. Recognizing the substantial economic and social benefits gained through an aesthetic treatment of public spaces and consequent increased retail activity, the City established an ordinance allocating 2% of eligible City capital improvement project costs for the commissioning of artist design services and artwork integrated in the construction of public works.


To take a self-guided tour of all of the City of Ventura’s public art or to find the location of a specific piece of art, use our online public art locator.

Goals of the Ventura Public Art Program

  • Promote and support the work of local and national innovative and accomplished artists
  • Respond to and reflect the diverse nature of Ventura's population, history and growth
  • Cultivate audiences for public art
  • Consider ways in which public art can play a role in achieving other community building goals and objectives
  • Approach the entire city as a showcase for public art
  • Foster sponsorship and stewardship of public art
  • Leverage CIP program resources with other sources of support