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City Ordinance

  • 2016 Ordinances - Current Building Codes in effect as of 1-1-2017, adopting and amending by reference the 2016 Editions of the California Building code, Electrical Code, Fire Code, Mechanical Code, Plumbing Code, Residential Code.
  • 2013 Ordinances - Current Building Codes in effect as of 1-2-2014, adopting and amending by reference the 2013 Editions of the California Building Code, Electrical Code, Fire Code, Mechanical Code, Plumbing Code, Residential Code, and the 2012 Edition of the International Property Maintenance Code.

2016 California Green Building Standards

Cal Green - Chapter 5 Non Residential Mandatory Measures
Cal Green - Chapter 4 Residential Mandatory Measures

Title 24  Guidelines


California State Energy Commission Non-residential Energy forms

California State Energy Commission Residential Energy Forms


  1. ADA Hardship Worksheet (PDF)
  2. Accessible Restroom
  3. Accessibility Regulations
  4. Address Change Request Form (PDF)
  5. Affidavit - Smoke Carbon Monoxide Alarm(s) Self Certification of Installation (PDF)
  6. Affidavit - Water Conserving Plumbing Fixtures in Existing Dwellings - Self Certification of Install
  7. Block Wall Standards 6-2017
  8. Cal Fire Solar Installation Guide (PDF)
  9. Construction Permit Application Fillable (PDF)
  10. Commercial Kitchen Appliance Exemption Ventilation Application (PDF)
  11. Commercial Plan Submittal Requirements (PDF)
  12. Decks, Gangways and Floats Checklist (PDF)
  13. Express Plan Review (PDF)
  14. Fire Sprinkler Worksheet (PDF)
  15. Garden Wall Retaining Wall Standards (PDF)
  16. Guidelines for Laundry Greywater Disposal System (PDF)
  17. Interior Demolition Permit Requirements (PDF)
  18. Kitchen, Laundry and Bathroom Piping (PDF)
  19. Mechanical Plan Check Requirements 10-16 (PDF)
  20. Model Water Efficiency Landscape Ordinance (PDF)
  21. Onsite Sewage Treatment and Disposal System Requirements (septic systems) (PDF)
  22. Patio Covers
  23. Standard Patio Cover Sheet
  24. Permit Extension Request Form (PDF)
  25. Photovoltaic Checklist (PDF)
  26. Plumbing Fixture Requirements (PDF)
  27. PV Central-String Inverter System Plan (PDF)
  28. PV Microinverter and ACM systems Plan (PDF)
  29. Report of Building Records Request Fillable BS 208 4-17 (PDF)
  30. Residential Bathroom Remodel Requirements (PDF)
  31. Residential Electrical Service Upgrade Guidelines (PDF)
  32. Residential Minimum Plan Submittal Requirements (PDF)
  33. Residential Swimming Pool slope set back requirements (PDF)
  34. Residential Swimming Pool, Pool Barriers and Safety Covers (PDF)
  35. Residential Swimming Pools (PDF)
  36. Residential Window Replacement Specifications Form (PDF)
  37. Retaining Wall Standards (PDF)
  38. Revision Plan Submittal Requirements (PDF)
  39. Roof Top HVAC Units (PDF)
  40. Sign Lighting - NRCC-LTS-01-E Certificate of Compliance (PDF)
  41. Residential Permits Required YES-NO
  42. Slope Setbacks (PDF)
  43. Trash Enclosure Design Guidelines (PDF)
  44. Wall and Fence Plan Requirements (PDF)

Request for Appeals Board Hearing