Marina Park Playground

Equipment moving sand around in a walled in area at the beach

General Information

The city has removed the old playground components that unfortunately failed due to location, salt, and wind. With input from a Marina Park Playground Sub-Committee—made up of members from Pierpont Bay Community Council, Pierpont neighbors, 3 members from the Parks & Recreation Commission, city staff, and staff from Pacific Coast Land Design, a conceptual design was created and readied for comments from the full Parks and Recreation Commission.

During the playground subcommittee meetings in 2021, parallel meetings were going on with the Ocean Outfall project for the VenturaWaterPure (VWP) Program, which will involve construction activities, including pipe installation, within Marina Park. In May 2022, staff removed the existing playground components and temporarily installed new sand, picnic tables, and trash receptacles for public use. 

Marina Park Project Update June 2022

VenturaWaterPure Program

For the latest information and updates about the VWP project at Marina Park, visit the Ocean Outfall webpage.

Playground Construction Updates

Project updates and construction timelines for the playground will be found on this webpage as they become available.