Backflow & Cross-Connection

The California Code of Regulations, Title 17 mandates water purveyors such as Ventura Water  administer a cross-connection control and backflow prevention program, which protects the potable water supply from potential sources of contamination via the elimination of existing and potential cross connections.

Backflow assemblies must be tested at the time of installation, annually (once a year) after installation, after repairs and after relocating. Customers will receive an annual notice with a testing due date. Please arrange for testing on time to avoid late fees or service disconnection.

A “backflow “occurs when the pressure in a potable water distribution pipe is less than that of an interconnected fluid system, resulting in a reversal of flow allowing non-potable water to enter the potable water system. Many ordinary activities, under the wrong circumstances, can lead to a backflow. For example, a garden hose submerged in a bucket of wash water for your car, or a hose connected to a fertilizer feeder for your lawn or garden, can be backsiphoned into your distribution pipes if a sudden drop in pressure within the water system occurs. Please do your part to protect yourself and our community by complying with the City’s cross-connection and backflow requirements.

  List of qualified backflow assembly testers

 Certified backflow testers