Volunteer Challenges

Volunteer Tree Challenge

To play, complete a volunteer activity, act of kindness or community service project. Write down what the activity was on a blank leaf, color the leaf in your favorite fall color(s), and then place it on your very own volunteering tree at home. Your challenge is to see how big your volunteer tree can get by the end of the fall season. You can also make it a neighborhood competition by placing your volunteer tree on your front door to track and motivate your neighbors to join in on the fun.

  • Pick up trash at a local park
  • Volunteer activity of your choice
  • Encourage a friend to volunteer with you
  • Help a neighbor, family member, or friend with a project
  • Bring someone a home-made meal or hand-made gift, card, or note
  • Volunteer at a community garden or in your neighborhood

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Volunteer Beach Bucket Challenge

To play, select one of the objects located in the Volunteer Beach Bucket Challenge (PDF). Each object is a fun volunteer challenge. Once you have completed a challenge, color-in the object with a crayon, colored pencil, or marker. Your challenge is to see how many objects you can add to your beach bucket by the end of summer!

Volunteer Bingo

Get started by downloading the Volunteer Bingo Card (PDF) from your phone, computer, or device. To play, select one of the boxes below and complete the act of volunteer kindness listed inside. Once completed, place an “X” in the box then select another volunteer activity. You can complete a “BINGO” pattern, such as a line with five boxes in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row, or all 25 boxes in the bingo card!

Extra Credit

Share a photo from one of your Volunteer adventures on Facebook and tag us @VenturaParksAndRecreation!