Emergency Services

Emergency Evacuation Plan

Evacuation Preparedness Community Survey

Ventura residents, community stakeholders, and local business owners are invited to participate in the City of Ventura’s Evacuation Preparedness Community Survey to enhance the safety and resiliency of community members during life-threatening emergencies.

The 10-minute survey, available in English and Spanish, is open for participation from September 5 through October 3, 2023, providing respondents four weeks to share feedback that directly influences the refinement of current evacuation plans, allocation of resources, and educational initiatives.

Community feedback is crucial for understanding the current state of readiness and identifying areas for improvement. The information gathered through this survey will significantly enhance the City's emergency evacuation plan, ultimately safeguarding the lives of all residents during times of crisis.

The survey will gather insights and opinions on all-hazards evacuation preparedness, including familiarity with current evacuation routes, emergency shelters, transportation options, preferred communication methods, and overall readiness. 

The completed Emergency Evacuation Plan will be inclusive of diverse populations, recognizing the needs of individuals with visual or hearing impairments, chronic medical conditions, language barriers, disabilities, access, and functional needs. 



For more information about evacuation planning and outreach, please connect with our Emergency Services Manager, Mack Douglass, via email.