Fairy Tales in the Park

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Join us at Barranca Vista Park this summer for the final season of Fairy Tales in the Park. Presented by Gypsies in a Trunk, these free, outdoor performances are for the young and young at heart. Bring a blanket or low back chair, your family, friends, and a picnic. It's sure to be an afternoon of fun and merriment!

While the performances are free and open to the community, the Gypsies in a Trunk theatre group will "pass the hat" at intermission. Donations are appreciated and help cover costume, prop, and production costs.

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Snow White in Neverland

It's the island of Neverland and Peter Pan & Wendy want to go out and see a movie, but who'll watch the Lost Boys for the night? Tinkerbelle's busy, Tiger Lily's got a tribal meeting, but luckily there's Nanny. com! That summons Snow White! However, nefarious Capt. Hook & Mr. Smee think Snow is Pan's mother and kidnap her to be THEIR mother onboard the Jolly Roger! Wacky chaos ensues as Snow White wreaks untold havoc!

When: Saturday, May 14
Where: Barranca Vista Park
Time: 4 pm

Zorro Meets Meridia

It's old California and Merida and her mum, Queen Elinor, are taking a vacation there. But jeepers! Who should show up to rob them, but Zorro himself! Even though the wicked and cruel Alcalde and his henchman, Capitan Churro, have other plans for this visiting pair of royalty, somehow they didn't bargain on Zorro...or Zorrata, the daughter of Zorro!

When: Saturday, June 11
Where: Barranca Vista Park
Time: 4 pm

The Princess & the Pirate

What happens when the bored, spoiled Princess Margaret meets the brazen, swashbuckling Dread Pirate Roberta...and they look exactly like each other? Why, they switch places of course!
While Court Jester Bob and the courageous Sir Loin of Beef are trying to figure things out, the Princess has boarded a pirate ship, while the kingdom is being ruled by a crazy, cut-throat Pirate! Uh-oh!!

When: Saturday, July 9
Where: Barranca Vista Park
Time: 4 pm

The Adventures of Hansel & Gretel

What's a brother & sister to do? They've just found their father and stepmother want them out of the house for good and now they're hopelessly lost in the forest! Maybe the Big Bad Wolf can help them find a way out? Nope! And now it looks like Grizzelda, the nasty forest witch, wants them over for dinner...and you know what THAT means!! Can quick-thinking Gretel find a way out of their predicament?

When: Saturday, August 13
Where: Barranca Vista Park
Time: 4 pm

Wizard of Oz

You know 'em, you love 'em! Dorothy from Kansas has just been thrown into the Land of Oz and meets all sorts of crazy people! The Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion. But she's also incurred the wrath of Elphaba, the nasty Wicked Witch of the West! Maybe the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz in the Emerald City can help her get back home! And what's up with her dog, Toto?

When: Saturday, September 10
Where: Barranca Vista Park
Time: 4 pm


In 1995, John and Roxanne Diesel co-founded Gypsies in a Trunk, an all-volunteer troupe of actors performing free, fairy tales for the young and young at heart. This is the farewell season for Fairytales in the Park.   

For more information about Gypsies in a Trunk and the Fairy Tales in the Park program, visit: www.FairyTalesinthePark.com