Fairy Tales in the Park

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Join us at Barranca Vista Park on Saturday, August 14 and Saturday, September 11 for Fairy Tales in the Park. Presented by Gypsies in a Trunk, these free, outdoor performances are for the young and young at heart. Bring a blanket or low back chair, your family, friends, and a picnic. It's sure to be an afternoon of fun and merriment!

While the performances are free and open to the community, the Gypsies in a Trunk theatre group will "pass the hat" at intermission. Donations are appreciated and help cover costume, prop, and production costs.  

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Photo of actors for Cinderella play

Cinderella 2: Bippity Bobbity Oops!

Maybe you know the story of Cinderella, but do you know what happened Afterwards? Six months after Cinderella got married to Prince Erik Charming, and moved into his castle, apprentice wizard Bibbity Boppity Boo, aka Bob, came to check up on the work done by his boss, aka Cindy's Fairy Godmother. His job? Make sure everything had worked out okay. But Lady Tremaine, Cindy's wicked stepmother, steals Bob's magic wand and wreaks havoc! She enslaves Cinderella again and makes Erik think that nasty stepsister Anastasia is Cinderella, and Bob cannot reverse the spell without his wand! What a predicament!! What is going to happen?

When: Saturday, August 14
Where: Barranca Vista Park
Time: 4pm

Fairy Tales Hook and Smee 9-2-21

Hook vs Pan: How It All Began

Did you ever wonder how the war between Peter Pan and Captain Hook all began? Join us for our wacky spin on the classic story with Pan, Hook, Tinkerbell, Smee, and more! This show is filled with excitement, chases, fights, kidnappings, and her majesty, Queen Clarion of the fairies! You’ll also get to find out "how" Captain Hook came to be!

When: Saturday, September 11
Where: Barranca Vista Park
Time: 4pm


In 1995, John and Roxanne Diesel co-founded Gypsies in a Trunk, an all-volunteer troupe of actors performing free, fairy tales for the young and young at heart. In 1997, the troupe added the City of Ventura’s Barranca Vista Park to their tour. Although some of the original troupe members have moved, many of the original troupe still write, direct, and perform.  

For more information about Gypsies in a Trunk and the Fairy Tales in the Park program, visit www.FairyTalesinthePark.com