Firearms Training

Hours of Operation:

The Ventura Police Shooting Range can be used by police personnel seven days a week from 9am-7pm, but is not used every day. View the Ventura Police range training calendar. The range hours are set to allow for necessary training while trying to reduce the noise impact on the surrounding neighborhoods. The range has been at its current location since 1957 when it was relocated from its previous location, lower on the hill near Summit Drive. Prior to 2005, the range was open to the public, but it is now only authorized to be used by the police department.

Firearms Training

At the shooting range, officers are required to train with any firearm they may carry on or off-duty, including handguns and long guns. Additionally, our SWAT Team utilizes the range for specialized training. All training at the range consists of:

  • Firearms Qualifications
  • Firearms Instruction
  • Less Lethal Instruction
  • Tactical Instruction

Officers are required to qualify with their handgun at the range every other month and with their patrol rifle on a quarterly basis. Officers train and qualify during their on-duty time, normally during a designated training day or as time allows during their shifts. In order to address realistic environments, officers must also periodically qualify in the dark.

Periodically, 3-4 times a year, we host a 24 hour patrol rifle training class, which is legally mandated for any officer to carry a rifle on duty.

To learn more about firearms training or our hours of operation at the range, please contact Commander Sarah Heard via email or by phone at  805-339-4460.

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